JQuery issue. Click - open code

I have this JQuery code

jQuery(\'.tpcoupon-reveal\').click( function() {
visitstore = jQuery(this).attr(\'url\');

$newText = '

            <div class="tpcoupon-code-wrapper">
                <span class="tpcoupon-msg"> '.tpbox2_unhtmlentities($content).'</span>
                <span class="tpcoupon-reveal" caption="'.$couponcode.'" url="'.$url.'">Vis koden & bes√łg siden</span>
                <span class="tpcoupon-code-show">
                    <span class="inner-code"></span>
            <div class="clr"></div>

Due to this code when I click on span object with id tpcoupon-reveal it shows me code in span object with id inner-code The problem is that I have many blocks in one page. But when I click one span it opens all codes in all span with id=inner-code How to make JQuery to open only this block?


Try scoping the jQuery seletor for '.inner-code' by doing this inside the click handler:


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