For android development, should I upgrade to Eclipse v4 ?

I'm using Eclipse v 3.7.2 to develop Android apps. I've been at it a few months and making some decent headway and am not sure I want to rebuild my development environment.

I don't doubt that Eclipse has been improved, but has it been improved for android development?

Before I rebuild my environment I'd like to know why should I fix it.

Can any one tell me if they have found any major feature advantages to upgrading to version 4 of eclipse?

I tried posting in the android enthusiasts group to find the question was "off topic", as there are many developers here I hope ye don't mind a non coding related question.


There is absolutely no need to rebuild anything. From your 3.7.2 installation you should be able to update your installation to 3.8 in place. Use Help->Check for updates with the 3.8 specific update site:

That way you get all the bug fixes and changes of the last release cycle, but do not need to switch to the e4 version of Juno. For you as Eclipse user the changes in the modeled workbench and CCS styling are not really important.

Note: Updating in place might be a problem if you use Linux and have installed Eclipse via a repository manager.

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