Access the json response from xhr in jquery

I have a question about how the XMLHttpRequest object works. In, under properties I am looking at the "response" property. The description says I should get a JavaScript object back if my content type is json. However, in my code the xhr.response property is undefined.

Specifically, I have a .ajaxSuccess() callback that is setup on a DOM element, it receives the parameters (event, xhr, settings). xhr.responseText is the plaintext version of my json, but xhr.response is undefined. Is there any way I can get the object from xhr without calling $.parseJson(xhr.responseText)?


I think you are confusing the XMLHttpRequest object with jQuery's jqXHR object used by $.ajaxSuccess(), which is supposed to be a superset of the former.

Instead, you could use $.ajax()'s done handler, which will parse the JSON for you if the data type is json. For example:

  url: url,
  dataType: 'json',
}).done(function (response) {
  // response is a JSON object, previously parsed by jQuery using $.parseJSON

Also note that even though the documentation of $.ajaxSuccess() says that you get a vanilla XMLHttpRequest object, that is no longer true as of jQuery 1.4.1. Instead, you get a jqXHR object.

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