Cannot remove file from “staging phase” in git

I am very new to git. What I did so far in it was this:

    $git init
    $git add "folder/*.php"

Now, I cannot remove the php files from the staging phase... what it returns:

    $git rm --cached "folder/*.php"
    fatal: 'folder/*.php' is outside repository

What do I do now? my git version is 1.7.1


First, the error occurs because those files are not added to the repository yet. When you do a git add, what git does is just to add files into a "list" that will be commit to the repository.

In order to "make these files part of the repository", what you can do is:

git commit -m "first commit"


git rm folder/*.php

Now since you remove files, you need to commit again to update git history about the remove.

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