how do hide an image at runtime using javascript?

In my html5 file in windows 8 modern app I have two image tags of the first image is previous and name of other image is next. When the application loads for the first time I want 'previous' image not to be displayed and 'next' image should be displayed.

I haven't assigned any source to both the images.and when the application loads for the first time I assigned some source to 'next' image and it loads successfully.but the 'previous' image icon with square shape is still shown.i want it to display nothing here.And also later point I want to hide the 'next' image completely.

in both the cases the square shape is shown when I am assigning no source.

any suggestions on how to hide the image so that nothing would be displayed in place of it.


What about setting their style.visibility attribute?

var mImg = document.getElementById('idOfFirstImage'); = "hidden";

mImg = document.getElementById('idOfSecondImage'); = 'visible';

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