eBay Shopping API for .NET?

I've been looking around trying to find a .NET release of the eBay Shopping API. Is there any?


The link you provided states:

Supported Features

Formats: XML, SOAP, Name Value, JSON

Protocols: HTTP GET (REST) and POST"

It's a web service. You don't need a particular ".Net API". Just make a call to the webpage and handle the return value.

Example using information on this page

var xml = http://open.api.ebay.com/shopping?callname=FindProducts&responseencoding=XML&appid=YourAppId&siteid=0&QueryKeywords=harry%20potter&AvailableItemsOnly=true&MaxEntries=2&version=787
//parse the xml...

Of course you would need to use valid data. If you try using this as is you'll get an error xml response:

<FindProductsResponse xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents">
        <ShortMessage>Application ID invalid.</ShortMessage>
        <LongMessage>Application ID invalid.</LongMessage>

However the whole point of this is that you send eBay some data via a query string and they return you xml.

This is the url used in the example above.

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