What's the equivalent call() apply() of JavaScript in C?

In Java it is:

  • java.lang.reflect.Method

In JavaScript it is:

  • apply() ⟶ more like java.lang.reflect.Method

  • call() ⟶ more like function pointer in C

In C it is:

  • type (*varname)(Type1 label1,Type2 label2,Type3 label3) ⟶ call()

  • What is the equivalent in C of apply() or java.lang.reflect.Method?

------------i am pretty slow, the answer from eyalm:

the caller perceive the callee as :

  • int (*a)(char value);

and the callee perceive the stack frame as :

  • Type (*varname)(Type1 label1,Type2 label2,Type3 label3 ...)

---- am i right?


For the function pointer:

int (*a)(char *);

you can call with ... wait for it ...


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