How to create an audio streaming site in the style of Lynda or other video-training sites?

I would like to make a streaming store like,, or other video-training websites - where the customer can buy and/or subscribe to my digital library, but the customer can only stream the content, no downloading. Is this something I should do in WordPress, Shopify, or something else? A key aspect would be the customer being able to go back-and-forth between buying an individual stream and a monthly subscription without losing their purchased streams.

The content will be self-created audio files. As far as the audio-player, I was thinking about using and privatizing the audio on Then embed the audio onto the site to prevent pirating and rely on a third-party site to host the audio content rather than burdening the hosting provider. Or is there a better solution?

Thanks for any feedback!


You CAN use Wordpress, but there will need to be more involved then just setting up a basic website. You'll need to provide the user with a unique URL to stream the content from.

Other than building a custom platform, you can use something like to create user profiles. And only allow paid users to access certain content.

Shopify will only help with taking orders. Not giving users account access to login.

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