default workspace after migration to 11g

I installed 11g on my local machine and imported my data using dmp file. Now my application works fine and also I can connect to database using sql developer without any problems.

But when I try to login with apex, I don't know what to enter in workspace field. I used INTERNAL workspace with admin as username. But i couldn't find my tables and schemas.

I went to workspace manager and found that only INTERNAL workspace is defined there with a single user(admin).

How can I view and manage my existing tables using apex? (As i said above, i can do it using sql developer. But I want to do it using apex)


Apex is an application development environment, that happens to have some tools for managing schema objects, but for this purpose is not as powerful or easy-to-use as SQL Developer.

If you really want you could login as the administrator and create a workspace, but I'd rather use SQL Developer unless I was actually going to use Apex for its main purpose, which is building applications.

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