Implementing Repository pattern and doing Tests

I have read almost all articles about Repository pattern and different implementations of it. Many of them judged bad practices (ex: using IQueryable<T> instead of IList<T>) etc. that why i'm still stuck and couldn't end-up to the right one.


  • Do I need Repository pattern to apply IoC in my MVVM applications ?

  • If yes, What is the efficient IRepository implementation to EF Entities which is a good practice and better testable ?

  • How can I test my Repositories and UnitofWork behavior ? Unit tests against in memory Repositories ? Integration tests ?

Edit : According to answers I added the first question.


Ayende Rahien has a lot of posts about repository and why it is bad when you are using ORM's. I thought Repository was the way to go. Maybe it was, in 2004. Not now. ORM's already implement repository. In case of EF it is IDbSet. And DbContext is UnitOfWork. Creating a repository to wrap EF or other ORM's adds a lot of unnecessary complexity.

Do integration testing of code that will interact with database.

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