registered a NHibernate proxy factory fot IDataErrorInfo behavoir with lazy properties

I have implemented IDataErrorInfo interface using Castle.DynamicProxy IIterceptor. I have also implemented a NHibernate interceptor which instantiates my entities using this interceptor.

I wish to implement IDataErrorInfo for lazyload proprerties as explained here

In the link above the solution required to register DataBindingProxyFactory as NHibernate proxy factory

I use NH 3.2 and don't know how and where register this

Can anyone hel me?

thanks to all


.ExposeConfiguration(c => c.SetProperty(Environment.ProxyFactoryFactoryClass, typeof(DataBindingProxyFactory).AssemblyQualifiedName))

thanks to João Manso][1] [1]:… – guton Sep 9 '12 at 13:35

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