AS3 - Button inside MovieClip triggers MC's event

On stage, I have a MovieClip named "mc" with a simple rectangle drawn inside. mc also has a Button child named "btn" which is another simple rectangle ( smaller than mc's rectangle obviously). Then I have this code on stage.

function mcDown( _e:MouseEvent):void{
    trace( "mc" );
function btnClick( _e:MouseEvent):void{
    trace( "btn" );
mc.addEventListener( MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, mcDown );
mc.btn.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, btnClick );

The problem I am having is when click the button, mcDown event is also triggered and traces both "mc" and "btn".

How can I make it so that when I click the button, it triggers only btnClick and not mcDown along? I tried MOUSE_UP instead of CLICK, same problem. And mcDown event has to remain MOUSE_DOWN.


There is no way to prevent bubbling except setting the bubbles parameter as false in the dispatchEvent.

dispatchEvent(EVENT_TYPE, BUBBLES,....);

However, you can avoid the bubbling by doing a check. Just have the below line as first line of your listener function it avoids the events dispatched from all objects other then targets.

if(e.eventPhase != EventPhase.AT_TARGET) return;

So, for your sample code, when you click on the button both the events dispatches but in the mcDown function it won't execute after the above said line.

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