Adjust PHP code Retrieve the DOM from a given URL

Hello ,

im using the following code to Retrieve the DOM from URL all "A" tags and print their HREFs Now my output is contain "A" i dont want its my out is here

i need to clear my out to be only the name after

so output print list of "namehere"


 // Retrieve the DOM from a given URL
 $html = file_get_html('');
 $urls = array();

  foreach ( $html->find('a') as $e )
  // If it's a twitter link
  if ( strpos($e->href, '://') !== false )
    // and we don't have it in the array yet
    if ( ! in_array($urls, $e->href) )
        // add it to our array
        $urls[] = $e->href;

  echo implode('<br>', $urls);

echo $e->href . '<br>';


Instead of simply using $urls[] = $e->href, use a regex to match the username:

preg_match('', $e->href, $matches);
$urls[] = $matches[1];

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