I keep getting inf values when i run a function over an array

I am writing a function in R that will compute a sum of squares between a binomial distribution and normal distribution and display the data as a function of p

Here is what I have:

First I generate a random binomial distribution with probability p (n=100)


Next, I find the probability that some random element has equal or less than the value np (the mean) and the standard deviation of sqrt(np(1-p)) according to the normal distribution


And then the probability that a random value in the distribution will have equal or less than the value of the mean according to the binomial distribution


finally I subtract the two, take the square and return it.

result<-sum((d_norm-d_binom)^2) return(result)

Now within the console, I created a function for all this:



I want to pass in a vector for p where p<-(c(0:99)/100), but whenever I do that, the function returns


rather than a vector of values. How can I get R to return a vector of values so that I can plot them? I have tried using lapply but that returns the data in a strange format:

[1] 0.01064091

[1] 0.01418807

[1] 0.02647295

[1] 0.05065813

[1] 0.1179141

[1] 0.7342808

meaning each element is contained another element, making it very difficult to graph.


The problem is that when p is 0, your function will effectively do this:

dnorm(0, 0, 0)
[1] Inf

Maybe you want p<-(c(1:99)/100)?

lapply returns a list. You can use unlist to convert to an array. Suppose you assign the results of an lapply call to L. Then, you can do this


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