Adding href in Wall of jomsocial like Facebook

In Facebook Wall, if you add a href link or URL of the website, Facebook will grab the images and description of that particular link and show it on the post.

How to implement this in Jomsocial?

At least tell how to implement using the normal PHP and Javascript or Jquery.


I had this laying around. Create a div with id="showthumb", create a textarea.. to be used as the obj in this function.

function getthumb ($obj)
     $obj.keydown (function (e) //obj is the textbox
    if (e.keyCode == 32 || e.charCode == 32) { //user pressed space.
        var t_content = $obj.val ();
        var t_urls = t_content.match (/https?:\/\/([-\w\.]+)+(:\d+)?(\/([\w/_\.]*(\?\S+)?)?)?/);

        if (t_urls != null) {
            if (t_urls.length > 0) {
                $('#showthumb').html ('<img src='+t_urls['input']+'>');

you can probably set it inside an editable div.btw.. I learned this from here

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