How do i split into a block of 3?

I want to separate a set of 3 numbers with a comma and set the value to a textarea, i have tried this but it just brings the values concatenated like this "5.685.685.85", i want it to appear like this "5.68, 5.68, 5.85"

var once = window['tma'+kj].toFixed(2);
for (var li=0; li<once.length; ++li) {
    $('#comments').append(once[li]); //div tag, it shows concateneted
    $('#com').val(once[li]); //textarea id, brings blank


var once = window['tma'+kj];
var arr = [];
for (var li=0; li<once.length; ++li) {
    $('#comments').append(once[li]); //div tag, it shows concateneted
    arr.push(once[li].toFixed(2)); //textarea id, brings blank

Assuming that once is an array:

$('#comments').val(once.join (', '))

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