C++ template parameters in method definitions

Do all method declarations in a class that has a template parameter need to be declared with that parameter? The compiler seems to want something like the following

// Queue.h
template <class ItemType>
class Queue
    ItemType dequeue();
    int count();
    /* ... other methods ... */
// Queue.cpp
template <class ItemType>
{ /*...*/ }
template <class ItemType>
int Queue<ItemType>::count()
template <class ItemType>
ItemType Queue<ItemType>::dequeue()
{/* ... */}

Coming from Java/C#, this seems a bit redundant--I feel like I should be able to define the methods more like this:

int Queue::count() 

The signature does not reference ItemType, so we can omit it.

Queue::ItemType Queue::dequeue() 

The signature references ItemType, but the compiler knows that we're talking about the template parameter because we qualify the identifier with Queue::


Yes, you need to provide the template argument. Note that while it might look redundant, it is not. C++ templates are a much more powerful tool that Java generics, and they allow for specializations. That means that with a base template Queue there might be multiple implementations that match different template arguments and have different definitions. Alternatively, you can have a single Queue template with multiple specializations for some functions. These two situations require you to provide both the template argument list an the class template arguments:

// Just member specialization
template <typename T>
struct X {
   void foo() { std::cout << "generic\n"; }
// specialize just this member for `int`
template <>
void X<int>::foo() { std::cout << "int\n"; }
int main() {
   X<double> xd; xd.foo();  // generic
   X<int>    xi; xi.foo();  // int

// Class template specialization
template <typename T>
struct X {
   void foo();
template <typename T>
struct X<T*> {
   void bar();
template <typename T>
void X<T>::foo() { std::cout << "generic\n"; }
template <typename T>
void X<T*>::bar() { std::cout << "ptr\n"; }
int main() {
   X<int > xi; xi.foo();       // generic
   X<int*> xp; xp.bar();       // ptr

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