Failed to install iphone application for ad hoc

I followed the stepped to create a ad hoc carefully:

  1. Added the testers team devices to the devices list in iOs Provisioning profile page
  2. Created a new distribution profile for ad-hoc
  3. In xcode I chose the project and clicked on product->archive.
  4. I sent both the archive (ipa file) and mobile provision to the testers team.

The application failed to install.

I saw an answer of a developer to set in build settings the provisioning file to Code Signing Identities to the distribution profile here

In the list I can see only iOS Team Provisioning Profile that was created by xcode.

This is probably not the distribution profile.

What is missing? How can I set the build settings to the distribution ones?


In the IOS Provisioning Portal, in the Provisioning page, click the 'Download' button by your new distribution profile and it should get added to XCode.

To check you have it, go to XCode Organizer, Devices, then Library / Provisioning Profiles on the left.

You may also use

This is a free service and works very reliably - you can manage your testers and test ipa's easily.

First I also tried testing my app without such a service - but I ended up using this, since it's also very easy for the testers.

Create Distribution certificate and Provisioning profile. You should have the Distribution certificate in key-chain. Download Distribution Provisioning profile and double click on that profile. Confirm you are having the profile in XCode -> Organizer.

In case the Add-Hoc deployment won't install on a testing device, and you have the device added to the profile, and the app signed correctly ...

Ok, what I did is to add an Entitlements.plist file and set the Can be debugged option to NO and set it on the target as the Code Signing Entitlements, but actually I don't know if this was the fix because I won't try again and again, now that it worked.

Then, actually I didn't archive the app and save the .ipa file from Organizer - Archives, but instead I've sent the .app file from the build/Release-iphoneos as it is, together with the profile downloaded from dev account. It will install in iTunes and it just worked, after couple of hours of frustration.

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