order by and distinct in entity framework

The following event handler is returning it's list but it is not distinct. There are still many duplicates in the list.Any thoughts?

Protected Sub ddlState_SelectedIndexChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles ddlState.SelectedIndexChanged
    If IsPostBack Then
        Dim context As New teckEntities()
        Using context
            'Dim query = From c In context.counties Where c.stateid = ddlState.SelectedValue Select c.countyname, c.id
            Dim query = From c In context.ziptaxes Where c.StateID = ddlState.SelectedValue Order By c.City Select c.City, c.ZipTaxId
            ddlCity.DataSource = query.ToList()
            ddlCity.DataValueField = "ziptaxid"
            ddlCity.DataTextField = "City"
        End Using
    End If

End Sub


You should assign the return value of the query after you have applied the distinct filter.

 ddlCity.DataSource = query.Distinct().ToList()
 ddlCity.DataValueField = "ziptaxid"
 ddlCity.DataTextField = "City"

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