Reuse UI for smartphones and tablets using PhoneGap + jQuery Mobile

When developing mobile apps using PhoneGap for smartphones and tablets, how to reuse most of the UI code? The reason why I am asking is the UI layout for smartphones apps and tablets will need to be different due to the difference in their screen sizes.

I would really like to know what your recommendation is so that I can take as much advantage of using PhoneGap as possible. Thank you for your guidance in advance.

Framework I am considering to use are:

PhoneGap jQuery Mobile Backbone.js


While We deal with the UI design in hybrid applications in Phonegap, using css techniques is a simple and good option. I have some links to share with you, which is worth reading and will be helpful in solving your problem,

link 1 : Mobile Web Design: Tips & Techniques link 2 : Liquid layouts the easy way link 3 : The 5-Minute CSS Mobile Makeover

Hope, these links will help you.

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