CSS Relative and Absolute Positioned Elements Stretch the Container

Can you help me with my dilemma? I have a container (BODY in this case) that has position:relative set. Inside it I have two div's. One relative and one absolute positioned (in this order).

The problem is that whenever I set some margin-top to the relative positioned element, the container's height (body in this case) stretches vertically.

For example, even though I have set height: 100% to the container, its size when viewed is 100% + the margin-top of the relative positioned child element.

Here's a fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/xJ75R/7/


First of all, you should not give a relative position to the body, since body takes up the whole page.

Anyway, be specific when applying the relative position to another element, so if you have a class of "lists" then use

.lists { position: relative; top: something; left: something }

or margin, or whichever rule.

If you are just having problems with the body tag after giving some margin to ANOTHER element (though I do not see how this would happen), then give the body a margin of 0, like:

body { margin: 0; }

and if that doesn't work then use !important like

body { margin: 0 !important; }

On a side note, use firebug addon for firefox to make your CSS life easier and see what's happening on the fly.

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