static initialization of a class in C#

I have a need to convert/upgrade my data structure struct to a class and have a question: Can I statically initiate my class like the struct? If so, any guidance of how to do it would be highly appreciate. Below is the definition of my struct:

typedef struct t
   struct t *next;
   int otherfield;
} T

T r1[]={{0,1},{0,2}};
T s1[]={{r1,3},{0,4}};

My converted class looks like

class T
  class T next;
  int otherfield;
List<T> r1;
List<T> s1;

How do I statically initiate r1, s1. Standard initialization thru a constructor may not work as I have hundred of these struct and they were all initialized statically.



Can't you just do the following?

class T
    public T next;
    public int otherfield;
    public T( T next, int otherfield )
    { = next;
        this.otherfield = otherfield

T[] r1 = new T[]{ new T( null, 1 ), new T( null, 2 ) };
T[] s1 = new T[]{ new T( r1[0], 3 ), new T( null, 4 ) };

Edit: if you want to do it with a List then you could do the following:

List< T > r1 = new List< T >( new T[]{ new T( null, 1 ), new T( null, 2 ) } );
List< T > s1 = new List< T >( new T[]{ new T( r1[0], 3 ), new T( null, 4 ) } );

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