How to make pyes search method to return the keys of the found documents?

I have a question about pyes (Python API of the ElasticSearch).

Is it possible to make the search method to return the keys of the found documents?

The code I use:

import pyes
conn = pyes.ES('localhost:9200')
q = pyes.StringQuery("november rain", default_operator="AND")
result =, indices=[index])
for r in result:
    print r

Result: found documents, without the key (_id field) that I saved the document with.

The question is how to return the _id keys?



All results in a ResultSet are just ElasticSearchModel objects. So you can access the _id attribute via the _meta DotDict like this

_meta also contains some other useful information:

(Pdb) pp res._meta
{'connection': < object at 0x8268ecc>,
 u'id': u'2',
 u'index': u'twitter',
 'parent': None,
 u'score': 0.095891505000000002,
 u'type': u'tweet'}

See the documentation on models and result sets for more details.

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