Perl: Obtain range of IP addresses not in the given list

I'm trying to create ranges of IP addresses based off a file containing a series of IP addresses. The ranges I'm trying to create are those that are not in the file. For example, If I had the following IP addresses:

The output should be,,,

What I've currently done is extract the IPs from an input file and store them into a sorted array (ascending).

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;                                           
use Sort::Key::IPv4 qw(ipv4sort);                                                          
my $list = 'C:\Desktop\IPs.txt';
my $ipRange;
my @ips;
my $i = 0;

# Get IP Addresses into array
open(FILE, $list);

while (<FILE>) {
    $ips[$i] = ($_);

# Sort IP Addresses
my @sorted = ipv4sort @ips;

# Create IP Ranges

I'm hoping that there is something on CPAN that can help me out. I've seen modules that can determine if an IP address is in a range, but have yet to see anything that can split a range.


I suggest the comprehensive Net::CIDR::Set module

This code seems to provide what you need

use strict;
use warnings;

use Net::CIDR::Set;

open my $fh, '<', 'C:\Desktop\IPs.txt' or die $!;

my $range = Net::CIDR::Set->new;
while (<$fh>) {
print $range->as_string(2);


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