Can't pass pointers to scanf(“%s”,ptr);

So I commented out the scanf part (and just initialized it with my own string), why does it crash if I use scanf? I believe the actual arguments I've put in scanf(); are correct.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int strendmilan(char *s,char *t)
    int scntr = 0,tcntr = 0;
    while(*(s+(scntr++)) != '\0')
    while(*(t+(tcntr++)) != '\0')
    while(tcntr >= 0)
        if(*(s+scntr--) == *(t+tcntr--))
            return 0;
    return 1;
int main()
    char *s,*t; 
    s = "HAHAHACOOL";
    t = "COOL";
    if(strendmilan(s,t) == 0)


The problem is that you are sending scanf() a pointer to a buffer (e.g., s) where it can store the information read, but you haven't allocated any buffer space pointed to by s (and same for t)

char *s,*t; 

So you can either allocate an array of char for s, or use malloc() to allocate some storage and assign the return value of that call to s.

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