Failing to query the maximum number in database table

I am trying, unsucessfully, to query my database to find the maximum 'area number', in my areas table for a certain inspection, so that I can set the text in a form to the next area number.

The database table consists of four columns; _id, inpsection_link, area_number, area-reference.

I have created the following in my database helper class (using this post as a guide: SQLIteDatabase.query method):

 public int selectMaxAreaNumber (long inspectionId) {
    String inspectionIdString = String.valueOf(inspectionId);
    String[] tableColumns = new String[] { 
            "(SELECT max(" + AREA_NUMBER + ") FROM " + AREAS_TABLE + ") AS max" 
    String whereClause = INSPECTION_LINK + " = ?";
    String[] whereArgs = new String[] {
    Cursor c = rmDb.query(AREAS_TABLE, tableColumns, whereClause, whereArgs, 
            null, null, null);
    int maxAreaNumber = c.getColumnIndex("max");
    return maxAreaNumber;

Which I then call in the areaEdit class as follows:

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    rmDbHelper = new RMDbAdapter(this);;
    Intent i = getIntent();
    inspectionId = i.getLongExtra("Intent_InspectionID", -1);
    areaId = i.getLongExtra("Intent_AreaID", -1);
    if (areaId == -1) {
        nextAreaNumber = rmDbHelper.selectMaxAreaNumber(inspectionId) + 1;
        Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), String.valueOf(nextAreaNumber), 

However, it just returns 1 everytime (even if there are numbers higher than that stored in the database).!! Any help much appreciated.


Your issue is here :

int maxAreaNumber = c.getColumnIndex("max");

You're getting the column index of max, which is 1 because you only have one column in your query. Instead, do something like this :

int maxAreaNumber = 0;
    maxAreaNumber = c.getInt(1);
    // or cleaner
    maxAreaNumber = c.getInt(c.getColumnIndex("max"));
    // no data in cursor

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