How to add MongoDB to Lift WebApp in Eclipse?

I can't add MongoDb to my Lift WebApp. I have added the maven dependency i.e.


to my pom.xml file, but I still get not found: object mongodb when I try import mongodb._

Here is the code where I get the error (taken from

import net.liftweb._
import mongodb._ // <- Here is the problem
import util.Props
import com.mongodb.{ Mongo, ServerAddress }

object MongoConfig {
  def init: Unit = {
    val srvr = new ServerAddress(
      Props.get("", ""),
      Props.getInt("mongo.port", 27017))
    MongoDB.defineDb(DefaultMongoIdentifier, new Mongo(srvr), "myapp")


You should post the source and the exact error message when asking for help. AFAIK there is no mongodb package or object...

Anyway, here is an example code which works:

import net.liftweb.mongodb.record.{ MongoId, MongoRecord, MongoMetaRecord }
import net.liftweb.record.field.StringField
import net.liftweb.mongodb.record.field.MongoMapField

object Device extends Device with MongoMetaRecord[Device]

class Device private () extends MongoRecord[Device] with MongoId[Device] {
  def meta = Device

  type idType = _id.MyType

  object serial extends StringField(this, "")
  object name extends StringField(this, "")
  object deviceInfo extends MongoMapField[Device, Any](this)

Your dependency looks good.

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