java - how reflect a long running workflow process in GUI?

I have a workflow of functions that eventually lead to a deployment of something. the steps are as followed:

  1. run a python script the produces some output.

  2. run a bash script that copies this output to a given location

  3. run a bash script (depending on the output of 1,2) that runs a java program (running make take few hours)

  4. run another bash script on this output - final step

i want to be able to initiate this workflow from a GUI giving a set of parameters.

Then, I want to be able to get status reports of each step - so that the running user will know which step is currently running.

The main issue here is that each of the steps may take long time to finish. My experience with developing GUI in java is limited.

Any advice on the direction I should go to?


If you really want to write this in Java, then you should try to find a good wizard library. See this question for some details.

Then, if at all possible that your scripts provide some feedback like the percentage of the operation completed then you could have a JProgressBar for each step independently and an overall one to show the user an idea of how much is done at any moment.

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