Which tool should I use to extract data from string?

As a quite new Linux user I never (really) used tools such as sed and awk (or any others) to parse text. I want to extract from

Speed : 1624.127424 Kib/s in 9.410000 seconds

the time value in second, just before the seconds word ,

Which tool should I look into for this ?


There are a number of tools you could use, but awk will do fine:

echo "Speed : 1624.127424 Kib/s in 9.410000 seconds" | awk '{print $6}'

or (if your data is in a file):

awk '{print $6}' data.txt

gives you



This assumes that the relative position of the value you are interested in on the line will stay the same (and in this case be the 6th white-space separated field), adjust accordingly.

awk splits the input line up into fields based on white-space. The field you are interested in is the 6th field, so you are printing that with $6.

Alternatively, you could have also used awk '{print $(NF-1)}' to print the next-to-last field on the line (NF is an awk variable that knows the number of fields on a given line). This offers a bit more flexibility as it would work with an length line (ie number of fields) as long as the field you were interested in was next-to-last).


cut would be another tool that would work too:

echo "Speed : 1624.127424 Kib/s in 9.410000 seconds" | cut -d' ' -f 6

in this case, the line is split based on the delimiter of space (as specified by -d) and again, we are interested in the 6th field (-f 6).

There are other ways too, but these two seem straight forward and came to mind first.

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