iPhone / ios development - best way to check if password is secure enough?

what is the best way to check the strength of a password in iOS development? I came across this post: What is the best way to check the strength of a password? but this is not iOS specific. My question is - Does Apple or third party libraries provide any libraries by default which I can use to check if the user entered a secure password?

If not, then as the above post says, is using regular expressions the best way?

Does Apple have any requirements which our app needs to implement to make sure user has a secure password?

I am planning on using the keychain to store the password.


No, Apple doesn't provide a standard or library for determining password strength - they don't have a common policy on what constitues "secure" in that context.

Whether or not the post you link describes the best way is often a matter of opinion - Alex Brown described in the comments some reasons why attempting to validate passwords can backfire on developers. That discussion might be a little out of scope for StackOverflow, though.

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