jquery autoResize textarea does not work when in jquery ui tab

jquery autoResize textarea does NOT work when in jquery ui tab.

jquery autoResize works outside of tab.

See both examples in jsFiddle. Click the "Details" tab to see it not resize.


this is using the autoresize by James Padolsey http://james.padolsey.com

Any ideas?


This bug appears to be when the original element is not visible on the page and thus the clone function in the plugin fails to find the width. This can be resolved by the following steps:

  1. Change clone to be a function (remove wrapping parens and ())
  2. Call the clone function in updateSize
  3. Trigger the updateSize event whenever a tab is shown or loads (up to you)

I've made the modifications in this fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/6BwqE/29/

I inlined the modified source for the autoResize plugin and added a show event to the tabs call.

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