error while loading wordpress post using ID

I am trying to retrieve the content of a wordpress post using its ID:

$loadpost = url_to_postid($actual_link); 
$newpost = get_post($loadpost);
echo '<article id="post-'.$newpost["ID"].'"><h1>'.$newpost["post_title"].'</h1>'.$newpost["post_content"];

$loadpost returns a valid ID but somehow this expression does not work. IE returns:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /hermes/waloraweb046/b428/moo.snippetspacecom/splittemplate/wp-content/themes/split/index.php on line 24

What does this mean?

Thanks for your help guys.


Because get_post(); by default outputs as an OBJECT

What you want to return is

echo '<article id="post-'.$newpost->ID.'"><h1>'.$newpost->post_title.'</h1>'.$newpost->post_content;

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