Java background image on object. Can't find my public variable

What i want is that everytime a cell is considered "Dead", this image

shows on the background of the object.

I have a class called "Game" in the package p_game with the following code

public class Game{
    public Image bg_image;
    public Game(){
           //Here is code that creates a 17*17 table of cells with the status 'Dead' 
        this.Cellules= new p_cell.Cellule[17][17];  
        for (int i=1; i<17; i++){
           for (int j=1; j<17; j++){
               Cellules[i][j]=new p_cell.Cellule(i,j,"Dead");
           //Here is code for the URL and Image
           URL url;
           try {
               url = new URL("");
               bg_image = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getDefaultToolkit().createImage(url);
           } catch (MalformedURLException e) {

I am trying to use bg_image in my class Cell (in the package p_cell) but it says the variable doesn't exist. What am i missing here?

public class Cell{
    public void paintComponent(Graphics g){

        g.drawImage(bg_image, 0, 0);


Error given: bg_image cannot be resolved to a variable


Every variable belongs to a class or class instance. To use bg_image you must instantiate Game class like this: Game game = new Game();, and then use it with instance reference: game.bg_image. If you don't want to have instance of Game class, you should make bg_image static and use it like this: Game.bg_image. Additional reading: about static variables: about instance variables:

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