Activating Wordpress TinyMCE editor for a text area

I am trying to activate TinyMCE for the text area. My code is below

wp_editor( '', 'content-id', array( 'textarea_name' => 'txtmessage', 'media_buttons' => false, 'tinymce_adv' => array( 'width' => '300', 'theme_advanced_buttons1' => 'formatselect,forecolor,|,bold,italic,underline,|,bullist,numlist,blockquote,|,justifyleft,justifycenter,justifyright,justifyfull,|,link,unlink,|,spellchecker,wp_fullscreen,wp_adv' ) ) ); 
echo "\r\n";
echo "\r\n";
echo "\r\n --------Original Message-------- \r\n \r\n";
echo "\r\n\r\n".$reply_message_contentmain;

The code works. However, my problem is that the echo message show at the bottom and outside of TinyMCE area. Any suggestion, how to fix it? I am not a php expert. Thanks,


The syntax on wp_editor() is:

<?php wp_editor( $content, $editor_id, $settings = array() ); ?> 

You've left $content blank and are echo'ing after the editor call.... so do something like:

$content = '\r\n\r\n\r\n--------Original Message-------- \r\n\r\n\r\n' .$reply_message_contentmain
wp_editor( $content, 'content-id', array( 'textarea_name' => 'txtmessage', 'media_buttons' => false, 'tinymce_adv' => array( 'width' => '300', 'theme_advanced_buttons1' => 'formatselect,forecolor,|,bold,italic,underline,|,bullist,numlist,blockquote,|,justifyleft,justifycenter,justifyright,justifyfull,|,link,unlink,|,spellchecker,wp_fullscreen,wp_adv' ) ) );

This should work but I can't test it from where I am at the moment, let me know how you go (but this should put you on the right track)

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