Transparent Window in .NET

is there any way that winforms or WPF can do this kind of UI? transparent with blur window.


A forenote: Windows 8 removes the Aero Glass effect. Windows will appear with a solid background where there would be glass (like how they appear on Windows 7 when you disable the glass effect but still run the DWM).

That said, the effect is done using Win32's DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea function. Using this in your program differs depending on whether you're using WPF or WinForms (as WPF windows do some pretty interesting window subclassing, and of course, WPF controls are largely windowless).

To get a "whole glass" window, you just use the DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea function to fill your window, rather than just the first 50px or so, which is what IE and other browsers do.

This is the canonical MSDN article on how to do this with WPF:

For WinForms, see this blog article:

Enjoy, but not for long considering Windows 8...

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