getSript adds handler several times at the same object

I have 2 divs, they have multiples elements and each element has options(events). In the first div, each element has a button that load, in the second div, the children elements. Those children have a edit button that opens a dialog where the user can edit.

Here is the script:

$("#Content").load("elements.php?id=5", function(){
    $.ajaxSetup({cache: true});
    $.getScript("../js/elements.js", function(){
        $.ajaxSetup({cache: false});

The problem is: When I load #Content with its script, it`s works good only in the first time, it opens one dialog box, but if I load twice, it opens two dialog boxes, and three, etc.

How do I delete the last script I loaded?


Are there any bindings? any live, etc? I am not sure if its your current code that is causing this issue or the elements.js being that I dont know what is inside of it. I do recommend checking out Jquery stopImmediatePropagation(). I hope this can put you on the right path.

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