Search a mssql db through android

I have a android application, that in theory, would use php as a proxy and search a mssql db for a set of variables(i.e. start date, end date, and username). I know how I would do it in theory. android http post->php query ->mssql response->php encode-> android list view.

3 things I was wondering if you could help me figure out.

1)how to search two tables for the information

2)I'm accessing a HUGE db any tips or advice on handling sure a large db through android.

3)and lastly some good tuts on this sort of thing


When you are using PHP why are you thinking to search values in android phone? PHP can do your searching part. You could put necessary conditions for extracting data. Then store in some variable of array and echo it using echo json_encode($variable);

Get the values in your android using HttpGet or HttpPost now you have the data you wanted and which will consume less bandwidth of your device.

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