How to customize JSON response from Rails app using Rabl gem

In my rails API app Im using the Rabl gem to render JSON. However, I ned the JSON to be in a specific format.

This is the JSON my rails app is sending as a response :


This is the response the client wants to get

  {"photos":[{"lat": 37.775, "lng": -122.4183333}, ...]}

Here is the code that renders the json in the file index.json.rabl

collection @photos
attributes :lat, :lng

I tried this code in the index.json.rabl file but the response came out as follows collection @photos node(:photos) { |photos|attributes :lat, :lng}


Not exactly what the client needs

What would I have to change in this code to get the correct JSON response for the client.

Thanks a lot.


I solved this:


 collection @photos => :photos 
 attributes :lat, :lng



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