Is there a way to get eclipse code completion to filter options on text typed anywhere in a word rather than just the start?

I have just started using eclipse Indigo for Scala development. Is there a setting anywhere in eclipse to change the filter behavior to "anywhere" when I type X. and invoke completion?

If I have an object foo with a field and methods foo.fullName, foo.capAllNames I would like all three to remain in the selection list when I type

Currently the list is filtering on the start of the word so only the property would remain in the example given. I would like the filter to be based on the text being present anywhere in the word, can this be done in eclipse?

Thanks John


Looks like Code Recommenders as suggested by moeTi will do the job but I might have to wait for a while until the latest bug fixes filter through to a release that will play nicely with the Scala plug in (it/eclipse threw exceptions when I installed it):

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