Getting Request parameters from Ajax Response

I am making ajax call to a java method for every 30 seconds. I am setting few request parameters in the java method.

How can I get them from ajax response.

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.2">

var tId = window.setTimeout(function () { 
alert('<s:property value="#disableReload" />');
if('<s:property value="#disableReload" />' == "true"){
    var url = 'moveETHAction_fetchExecutorData.action';
    var form = document.getElementById('moveForm');
    var params = Form.serialize(form) + '&ms=' +  new Date().getTime();
    form.action = "fetchExecutorData";
    var myAjax = new Ajax.Request(url, {method: 'post', parameters: params, onComplete: showResponseAction} );
}, 30 * 1000);

function showResponseAction(originalRequest){
    alert('<s:property value="#request[\'DISABLE_FLOW'\]" />');
document.getElementById('actionChange').innerHTML = originalRequest.responseText;

In Java method I am setting this parameter

request.setAttribute(GenericConstants.DISABLE_FLOW, false);

But I am not getting the updated value from the ajax


Any changes to the HttpServletRequest on the server side will not be visible on the client side. Moreover setAttribute method will not affect the incoming HTTP request string. It's additional store within HttpServletRequest to pass-around information on the server-side.

You need to add the information to the existing response, in a structured away (JSON is preferable for your client to convert into a javascript object right away and access the individual values within response). Hope this helps.

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