Can I press back button using selenium web driver of android emulator

Can I press back button of android emulator using selenium web driver?

Looking for help.


I was using Selenium with Appium and Android emulator, succeeded with


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Is thread still running when the process in “Disk Sleep”?

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When a process go into the special kind of sleep, known as "D" or "Disk Sleep" in Linux, is its child thread still running normally ? So that the thread could tell me the process is in "Disk Sleep"

Log4X for flow control

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I m in a project which my co-workers want to use log4cpp, log4php or log4j for flow control, ie: they want to log things, parse it and then flow control based on that information.

Can I change the expected Rails version of a Rails application?

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I downloaded an archive containing code for a Rails application ( from a book I'm reading ). I'm running Rails 3.0.1 but the application fails to start, because it's looking for 3.0.0beta3. Is ther...

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