Multiple button click handling

In my html page I have 4 buy buttons. On clicking each button corresponding datas will be populated in a popup. Its working fine. But among these 4 buttons two are having same data. So I dont need a separate call to get this data. I want to check whether the data is already loaded there in the page and if yes that needs to be populated. I'm using ajax with JSON for fetching data from back end. Please help me out.

Thanks in advance.

Adding the fiddle

Here if u check using firbug>Net at the bottom we can see 4 json responses happened already loaded. I need to avoid this, because all these four resposes are duplicate


When using jquery ajax you can simply let jQuery do the caching work.


    cache: true,

    success: function(data) {

        // do something now that the data is loaded


    url: '/path/to/my/json/file.js'


I would have used jQuery and made something general :

$('.buybutton').click(function() {

Just put the class="buybutton" to each buy button and do the check if data is loaded into your function.

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