Create “Brands” category using Wordpress WooCommerce plugin

For my e-commerce site I'm trying to implement product "Brands", say Samsung, Nokia etc for each product. I want to create a new category type "Brands" & one product can be assigned to only one "Brands" category.

Products are implemented by a custom post-type called "Products" by WooCommere plug-in.

I'm using woocommerce plug-in. This plug-in already has a "product category" option that allows products to be assigned to categories, I want to keep it intact, because I want to have different product categories like "electronics", "clothes", "household" etc. Keeping this category intact, I want to create a new category type called "Brands" which will be applicable to products.

Any Idea on how I can write a plug-in to create a custom category called "Brands" and display it in the "Create new Product" admin page (typical wordpress admin page for creating new post)? I also want to restrict one product to one category only.

I'm new to Wordpress so your suggestion will be extremely helpful to me.


I have started using a WooCommerce extension called Brand, which does what you are after. While I am having a couple of issues with it, it gives me the ability to list products by their brand name and has several widgets and shortcodes.

See it at my paper craft site in the left menu

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