Eclipse (Juno) hangs on JSF EL Expression Auto Complete

I am working with Eclipse Juno and a JSF 2.1 Project.

Auto-Complete for EL Expressions inside a Facelets file is excruciatingly slow. Slow to the point where if I try to auto-complete a JSF Bean with 20 or so methods, Eclipse editor will hang for 10-15 seconds until I see the members/properties list.

The way I see it I have 2 solutions, I don't know how to implement neither, so help on any would help. (With preference to the first)

  1. Resolve the slowness problem. My guess is Eclipse is doing a bunch of stuff I don't need when I press ctrl-space and if could disable those that should make it faster. (Educated Guess)

  2. Disable Auto-Complete for El Expressions completely and install JBoss Tools (Which I must say, works flawlessly but when in conjunction with the native auto-complete support, It still hangs on every ctrl-space).

So, either solution would help - Resolve slowness or Disable Auto-Complete all together.

Thanks in Advance!!


Here is what worked for me :

  • Window -> Show View -> Error Log
  • if there are errors about a timeout to find javadoc for the JRE, do this :
    • Project Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries
  • remove the JRE, add the JDK (or maybe you can configure the Java-doc for the JRE)

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