if combobox text is <none>… then

I have a combobox which requiers a selection other then none. Hens then I would like to know how I can add a but which cliked then checks if the combobox text is none? if so then...


update I got the following but I need to combine all the if statments so that no blanks "... " texts are left at all..

        If ComboBox1.Text.Contains("<None>... ") Then
        MsgBox("Select a printing device first... ")

    If ComboBox2.Text.Contains("<None>... ") Then
        MsgBox("Select a paper format first... ")

    If ComboBox3.Text.Contains("<None>... ") Then
        MsgBox("Select a plot style first... ")
    End If


If looking to add the value from code behind, use the ddl add OR Insert method to put the value in the dropdown.

If need to put the static value than add the value using the the control property utility.

Let me know of looking for something else...

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