Android ndk kernel module compile in windows

i would like to compile android lkm. my compile environment is windows. i saw many other tips for compile in linux, but no tips for windows. how could i set files ?

KERNELDIR = /lib/modules/$(shell    uname   -r)/build

obj-m   := sample.o

KDIR    :=  /lib/modules/$(shell    uname   -r)/build
PWD :=  $(shell pwd)

    $(MAKE) -C $(KDIR) SUBDIRS=$(PWD) modules

    rm  -rf *.ko
    rm  -rf *.mod.*
    rm  -rf .*.cmd
    rm  -rf *.o
    rm  -rf .tmp_versions


In order to compile LKM, you need:

  1. Linux environment (necessary, I recommend you to at least have Linux in a VirtualBox)
  2. Android's linux kernel source code (same version with your target ROM or else later on you will have problem with Version Magic). In my case, I got HTC Nexus one with CyanogenMod 7.2, so my kernel is
  3. A GCC that was used with your kernel source code. In my case, it is Sourcery Mentor's GCC

You can check my previous question here Unable to compile LKM for Android I provided steps and procedures to compile the LKM

They say you only can build Android source code under Linux

If you went as far as recompiling the android source it would be better to have Linux

I wouldn't recommend using Cygwin, you can surely use Oracle VM Box but then why do you need Windows anyway

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