JNLP - application-desc vs applet-desc - is one better than the other when not running in browser?

I have an applet which I no longer want to run in the browser - but in stead want to run as a downloadable, auto-updating, oflineable Java application via JNLP.

I do not want to maintain the ability to run it as an applet.

I have no problem with either wrapping the existing applet in a JFrame and a main-menthod, or simply rewriting it and replacing the init() and others all together.

But my question is: Are there any advantages or disadvantages to to using application-desc vs applet-desc?


The first advantage of converting to JFrame based, is that you have immediate control of the top level container for things like:

  • menus
  • look & feel
  • default close operation
  • location
  • size by pack() (hooRAY!)
  • ..

Go with applicaton-desc for a free floating deployment. But don't put the applet in a frame, instead put the applet content into a panel, and put the panel into the frame (or applet, or window, or..).

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