Facebook login keeps failing

Before starting, a very similar question was asked recently, but I was facing a couple of other issues, and wanted to add some context.

Basically, off late, I witnessed that the login with Facebook feature in my Android app would keep failing for new users (who hadn't authorized the app before). However, this wasn't a recurring issue, so I sort of ignored it. But now this seems to be happening far too regularly.

I am absolutely sure that no changes were made in the app's settings locally or with the FB settings page.

There are 2 variants of the error -

a simple "Error occurred. Try again." And another which gives a much more detailed output.


However, I'm not sure of what changes do I need to make, if any. Would really appreciate any help with this.



In your facebook developer account try going to your application settings-> advanced and select Native/Desktop in Authentication. This should remove at least the first error.

I created a new application today and I'm also facing the second error. But for the older projects it works.

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