repeater control. find the table cell

i had kept repeater control inside Update panel. The control is having 4 columns. based on the value i have to show \ hide the 3rd column. the columns were placed inside table <tr> and <td>. I can find the control of 3rd column and made it visible false. but the white space of the column remains. so i need to hide the <td> itself. But the <td> id is not recognized. please help me out.

  Dim td As TableCell
                td = CType(e.Item.FindControl("tdcommwt"), TableCell)
                td.Visible = False

Note: td = nothing (it is shown.)



   HtmlControl tc=e.Item.FindControl("tdcommwt") as HtmlControl; 

set border-collapse: collapse for the table so that when the visibility is false for a column it collapses

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