Should I undertake a Wordpress conversion, or look for a separate database?

I have hand coded a website using the system which I am looking to launch soon and I am thinking of converting to Wordpress, however I am debating the whole thing over due to the worry that I will have to re-design portions of it.

I would like to display links on my main page to various recent news or blog items within the past month say (also with a brief header) that would then display on its own page with a Facebook Connect box for comments.

I will also have a separate sidebar which would basically show tabular information with links to the corresponding event on Facebook. I could update that by hand (which isn't a problem), but really I would like that coming from a database also. I am thinking of possibly using GoDaddy's Easy Database for Websites if it is flexible enough.

Other than a picture and video gallery which I could also update manually if needed (but understand I could use Wordpress also), the only thing I would use Wordpress for is the news items.

My question is whether a complete conversion is appropriate for me, and if not, is there a database system I can use that doesn't require me to know MySQL etc. I don't really want to be learning how to do that, as I have just about managed HTML/CSS so far.

I am worried that by converting the whole website I become stuck in some way with portions of the code and potentially have to re-design things I have already coded. I have already included music players and Facebook like buttons etc, so I wouldn't require these plugins in Wordpress. I have also found a few links via Google, and these have helped explain some of the process, but I think I've become a little overwhelmed with the options available and what they could do for me.

Thanks in advance


In the end I decided to learn MySQL/PDO, and even though I am having a few troubles I think I am going to be rewarded more for learning this than learning Wordpress.

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